Our Luxury Line

Luxury Plush/Firm

Luxury Plush


Our Luxury line is a two-product offering—a two-sided Luxury Plush/Firm and a single-sided Luxury Plush. Both are constructed with a pocketed coil innerspring, edge to edge coils, a steel border rod and multiple steel edge supports. The luxury line offers an extra degree of comfort. We added additional layers of high-density foam comfort layers to provide a softer, more luxurious feel. The Luxury Plush/Firm is an ideal feel mattress with a Luxury Plush feel on one side and a Firm feel on the other. It allows a guest an optional sleep experience. This product is truly the top of the line when it comes to guest comfort.  


Our Classic Line

Classic Plush/Firm

Classic Plush


Our Classic line consists of a two-sided Classic Plush/Firm and a single-sided Classic Plush. Both products utilize pocketed coil innersprings, edge-to-edge coils, a heavy-duty steel border rod and multiple steel edge supports. The unique aspect of the Plush/Firm is that the dual feel offers a guest a choice of sleep experiences. If the mattress is too soft, it can be flipped to the firm side for an alternate feel.     



Your Guests will flip over our Mattress


Our Plush/Firm mattresses are designed to please your most fastidious guests. The idea is elegantly simple. It provides a soft, sumptuous sleep experience on one side, and a firmer sleep option on the other. This allows hotel management to respond to guest preferences by merely flipping the mattress one way or the other to achieve the desired feel—exceeding guest expectations and streamlines housekeeping and other hotel management logistics.